Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Blogging:Installing Feedjit in Blogger

How to install feedjit in Blogger?

how install feedjit in blogger

Using feedjit you can track your visitors from time to time using feedjit live traffic feed.In this turorial i will teach you how to install feedjit in blogger.


  1. First go to
  2. After that your will see there home pages.
  3. And you will see the list of themes and styles you want for your feedjit widget.So lets move on click this : and this will appear :
  4. Click on the theme you want to choose.
  5. After choosing your theme click GO BUTTON : 
  6. Copy the code given in the box : 
  7. NEXT goto your
  8. Click layout 

  9. and click add gadget 
  10. and click HTML/JAVASCRIPT : 

After installing feedjit in your blogger goto your homepage and check the results.Checking your time to time visitors to your blogsite is more easier .I hope you do same .
If you have any question please drop your comennt..

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