Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to buy domain with bitcoins


      How to Buy Domain with Bitcoin?

           Hey, BloggersGeeks Now I will teach you on how to buy domain names with bitcoin.Bitcoin is now very popular online, most of the business or online shop are now accepting bitcoin as payment, more easier right?, Cashing in in bitcoin is more easier than depositing in PayPal.Buying Domain with bitcoin is very easy, using bitpay and coin payments.These are the most popular Bitcoin payment gateway that companies are using to add bitcoin as their payment processor in their products.

  Here are the Tips on Buying a Domain with Bitcoin

  • Must always check the if the website seller is legitimate or not.How to check if they are legit seller?.You can check it using
         a. Scamadviser can check the site page authority and services reviews by their previews costumers.
  • Must always check the web page reviews about their services
  • Website Domain Seller must have customer support to assist your if they don't have, you can move on to other sellers.Customer Support is very important incase of problems you can encounter using their services.

     Two(2) Domain Registrars that Accept Bitcoin


-Namecheap starts to accept bitcoin since 2013 with 24/7 costumers support and good PageRank authority.


-Hostinger Starts to Accept bitcoin payment since November 7, 2014, They have good services like SSL and free hosting with 24/7 Costumer Support.

    Buying Cheap domains

Many Web domain name registrars are selling domain for very affordable price.There are many types of domain, prices are depending in the registrar.
Here are the list of cheap domain types:
  •         .co
  • .site
  • .club
  • .trade
  • .bid
  • .host
  • .download
  • .press
  • .review
  • .date
  • .party
  • .cricket

                                      Anonymous Web Hosting

What si anonymous web hosting?

        Anonymous web hosting, a kind of hosting doesn't collect any data from the user.It only collects your email/username and password.Its not requiring your address or either first names or last names in order to register.Be careful in some anonymous web hosting some of them are scams.

Buying or making a transaction online is always in risk you can encounter many bugs or problems in their system.Buy only in the most trusted Company.Thanks for reading...